PrePress Solutions Ltd

E:             T: 07936713750

PrePress Solutions offers a full range of prepress services. 


From creating design concepts to collaborating with the print department, the goal is to produce the best-finished product at the most competitive cost.


From concept to completion, PrePress Solutions can handle your design ideas.

This can encompass everything from copy-typing, colour management, image editing

and enhancement, design and layout, to producing a CTP print-ready file.


With more than 27 years in the printing trade, I have a depth of experience that enables me to work with a variety of clients and their projects.


I've worked on a variety of substrates, from tinplate to card, plastic to aluminium, where I have an excellent understanding of creating compressed side-wall artwork ready to be drawn.
I have built up strong relationships with some of the main metal decorators over the years and can
navigate the variables between what the client envisions and what can be physically printed.


You can count on PrePress Solutions to deliver high-quality service and first-rate customer support.

A comprehensive prepress service that will save you unnecessary costs and downtime.

Design and Layout

Creating or preparing digital files that contain content, graphics, images, and other elements of the printed piece.

Image Editing and Enhancement

Preparing and optimising images for print, including adjusting resolution, size, colour balance, and sharpness. Images may be retouched, cropped, or otherwise modified to enhance their quality and appearance.

Colour Management

Adjusting and calibrating colours to ensure accurate reproduction during printing.

I can acquire colour samples from the ink supplier, which will be supplied to the client for approval, these will be forwarded to the print department for print matching.

File Preparation

Optimising the digital files for printing, including converting them to the appropriate file format, specifying colour spaces, embedding fonts, and ensuring proper file resolution and compression.

Creating Print Ready Files

Generating the necessary output files or plates that will be used by the printing press to transfer the image onto the substrate. This step may vary depending on the printing method used, such as offset printing, digital printing, or flexography.